IT Gallery & Computer Corner

    To Make the visitor keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of Computer Technology, a Gallery on "Information Technology" incorporating exhibits on the broad themes viz. (i) Education, Enterprises and Entertaining (ii) Applications of Information Technology in our daily life and (iii) Entertainment through Games, Morphing etc. has been developed at an ultimate cost of Rs.30.00 lakhs with infrastructural facilities.

    Computer Corner

    The Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre  has established  a Computer Learning Corner for the benefit of visiting children to understand and make use of the Internet and e-mail facilities.  Further, short-term courses on Computer Applications are also being organized here.  A Certificate Course to give training on the basics of Computers, Windows Operating System and MS Office Software, is being organised at the Centre for the benefit of the general public and students community, in batches, since July 02, 2003.  The duration of the course is 30 hours and hands on experience is provided through the facilities available at the Centre.