EDUSAT Facilities

EDUSAT Network was established by Vigyan Prasar a unit of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi, Government for Science Communication and Disaster Management.

This enables expertss of various scientific discipline to interact with students of various parts of the country. This facilitates communication of current scientific developments including disaster management from one part of the country to another part within few minutes. The salient feature of then systems is two way communication, as against one way presentation in the Television Educational Programme.

The Vigyan Prasar has offered to provide this facility to Periyar Science and Technology Centre as large number of students are visiting the Centre.

The network was established in the Periyar Science and Technology Centre during December 2006.

To popularise this facilities, three day orientation programme inviting teachers from Tamilnadu and from neighbouring states was held during March 28-30, 2007. 30 Teachers from schools and colleges of Tamilnadu and from other states have participated.

Vigyan Prasar is organsing about 6 sessions of EDUSAT programme every month.. In which, students, from Tamilnadu can participate. Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre is coordinating the above programme.