Hall of Nuclear Power GALLERY

The Hall of Nuclear Power Gallery was inaugurated by Selvi J.Jayalalitha Honble Chief Minister of TamilNadu on 05 August 2016.

Nuclear energy has many benefits, such as, clean, safe and economical electricity; the health benefits of nuclear medicine; environmental benefits; economic benefits; the strength of India's Thorium and Uranium availability; and applications of nuclear technologies.

In order to propagate awareness programme for enhancing and improving the public perception and understanding of Nuclear Power in the country, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited and Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre are setting up a permanent gallery at Periyar Science and Technology Centre, Chennai at an area of 5000 sq ft. The basics of nuclear physics, fusion and fission reactions, extraction of nuclear energy, types of reactors, mining and extraction of uranium, types of radiations, benefits and hazards, safety in nuclear reactors, applications of nuclear physics in everyday life and many more will be communicated through this upcoming gallery with several interactive exhibits and real models of reactor parts such as fuel rods, bundle, control rods, etc.