Extension Activities

Tamilnadu Science & Technology Centre has been periodically conducting various educational extension activities.

1. Workshops / Seminars for students and teachers.

2. Conferences

3. Popular Lectures

4. Short term courses in

i. Astronomy ii. Different disciplines of Science & Technology

5. Career Counseling

6. Competitions : Inter - School Science Exhibitions, Science Based Cultural Programmes, Story Telling, Quiz, Elocution, Essay Writing, Math Talent Search Contest, Painting, Astronomy Talent Search Contest,etc..

7. Meet the Scientist :

Eminent Scientists from different fields of Science and Technology are invited to share the experiences and interact with the students periodically. In the recent past Mr. Alexander I. Lazutkin, the Russian cosmonaut, who spent over six months in the Mir Space Station interacted with the children. Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, the First Indian Cosmonaut, also delivered a lecture in this programme . Meet the Scientist Programme is very popular among the students.

8. Meet Your Medical Expert

The centre organises the programme "Meet Your Medical Expert" every month on the last friday at 02.00 p.m, to address and counsel on the medical aspects and other health related problems inviting medical experts from differnt fields.

9. Regular Night Sky Observation Preceded by a lecture at 5.00 p.m, on every Second Saturdays, at the campus of Periyar Science and Technology Centre, B.M. Birla Planetatium, Night Sky Observation is arranged for the general public and students, using powerful telescopes.

10. Special Observational Programmes during rare and important Celestial Events.

11. Inplant Training Programmes - guiding students in their project works.

12. Popular Science Demonstrations : On every Saturdays at 03.00 p.m, Live Popular Science Demonstrations are given on basic science concepts.

13. Fabrication of Exhibits / Production of Planetarium Programmes for other Centres.

14. Mobile Science Exhibition / Mobile Planetarium / Lending of Exhibits to Schools.

15.Temporary Exhibitions