Establishing an Innovation Hub in Regional Science Centre, Coimbatore :

The Regional Science Centre, Coimbatore will be provided with an innovation hub at a cost of Rs.1.80 Crores (Rupees One crores and eighty lakhs only). This lab will have, discovery hall, idea lab, Break and remake corner, build from scrap corner and idea box area. This will provide an opportunity for the students to develop creative ability skills. The works of constructing the building is in progress. The project is being implemented on 50:50 cost sharing basis by National Council Science of Museums (NCSM), Government of India, (Ministry of Culture) and Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre, Chennai. The facility will be inaugurated during the year 2018-2019.

Digital Planetarium at Periyar Science and Technology Centre, Chennai :

To enhance the quality of providing information on astronomy and astrophysics concepts, a digital State-art-Technology Hybrid Planetarium, imported from Germany, will be incorporated in the existing planetarium. The digital planetarium will be providing dynamic presentation of the astronomical concepts. The works for the establishment of the new dome and the planetarium system are in progress. The facility will be inaugurated by December 2018. The estimated cost of Hybrid Planetarium System is Rs.10 crores (Rupees Ten crores only).

Establishing ‘Science on a Sphere’ at Periyar Science and Technology Centre, Chennai :

‘Science on a Sphere’ (SOS) is a room sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe.

‘Researchers at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), USA, developed Science On a Sphere as an educational tool to help illustrate Earth System science to people of all ages. Animated images of atmospheric storms. Climate change and ocean temperature can be shown on the sphere, which is used to explain, complex environmental processes, in a way that is simultaneously intuitive and captivating. It will be established in an area of 400 sq.m. with latest projection system and sound system. Works for establishing the facility at a cost of Rs.2.50 Crores (Rupees Two crores and fifty lakhs only) are in progress and the facility will be inaugurated during the year 2018-2019.

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