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Non Conventional Energy Park

GSLV Model

Non Conventional Energy Park

A State Level Energy Park will be established with gadgets on Non-Conventional Energy Sources and Models emphasizing the importance of Renewable energy Sources with the financial support of Rs.89 lakhs and Rs.35 Lakhs, obtained from Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Government of India and Tamilnadu Energy Development Agency respectively.

GSLV Model

This Centre has already developed a Science Park, where artifacts like real locomotive engine and aircraft are provided for witness by the students and public.

As our country is fast developing in space technology, it is our desire to establish a model of launch vehicle at the Centre to enable the visitor to have glimpse of these vehicles which will kindle the interest of younger generation.

The younger generation is very much eager to learn the technology which is evident from the feedbacks obtained from the participants took part in the training on Model Rocketry programmes conducted by this Centre every year.

When this Centre have approached Indian Space Research Organisation, Bangalore, the authorities showed interest on our proposal and offered to provide a GSLV Model (ie) 1:5 size at their cost, which works out to nearly Rs.3.50 lakhs. As per the directions, orders were placed with M/s.Galvano Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, who is well versed in making such models.

To create proper environment for installation in the Periyar Science and Technology Centre campus, landscape with chain link fencing was planned at an estimated cost of Rs.1.50 lakhs.

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